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Torchwood Four Intranet
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Torchwood Institute: Fourth Faction
I am Ra of the Torchwood Institute: Fourth Faction, Demolitions Council. Welcome!

The dreaded hour of the 21st Century as foretold, has come! The appearance of the Paradox Creatures in Central City have torn numerous rifts in the Space-Time Continuum to such their accumulative energy was enough siphon a pathway finally back to Earth--or so we thought.

The Earth of which we've landed upon is confirmed to exist on a parallel universe to our own. On this Earth, many of its inhabitants are infected with a technology unknown to us. Called "Exobytes", these miniature machines seem to grant the infected anomalous traits that afford them superhuman abilities & not a moment too soon!

According to our leader Bilis Manger, the torrents of space-time inflicted by these rifts are compressing the innumerable dimensions dangerously together.  If allowed to continue, these rifts will compress the multiverse into a single point, not unlike the one which exist of this universe prior to the Big Bang. Manger attempted to port into the future so he may take assessments of this dilemma, but could not. When asked why he couldn't make the trip forward in time, Bilis responded there was no future of which to exist!

Despite our abilities & know-how, we are still too few to save Earth from impeding destruction. We need YOU, people of this Earth to help us in not just saving your home, but countless Earths across every encroaching parallel universe!

Torchwood Institute News

Torchwood Four Expands!

Ra, Feb 29, 12 12:56 PM.
Good morning & Happy Leap Day everyone!

What a perfect occasion to unveil a project Mick (SH4D0W K1LL) & I have been collaborating on recently! A bright morning on a rare day!

Amazing & funny back-story of this monumental event.
About 2 weeks ago Mick joined us via our website. Since then Mick's has been considerable active here on the site, but none of us could find him in-game. I received an email from Mick asking if we were on DCUO for PC, for which I confirmed Torchwood Four exists on DCUO for PS3. This is where it gets funny. Although Mick's also on DCUO PS3, but hails from Australia & so plays on the European Megaserver! Disapointed, we almost lost Mick. To prevent the loss of such a great contributor, we came up with the idea of starting a Torchwood Four branch on EUPS3 with Mick at its helm as Division Curator!

Thus, here we are making DCUO history. With Mick's help & a little Fate we, the Fourth Faction of the Torchwood Institute are DCUO's First organization to exist on both the USPS3 & EUPS3 Megaservers as a single entity; not unaffiliated copies!

To further thank Mick this Leap Day & for taking a leap with Torchwood Four, from this moment onward, Mick shall be officially known to as his favorite Torchwood Character, Dr. Owen Harper!

With that, I bid you WELCOME sisters & brothers from EUPS3 to the Torchwood Institute family! Perhaps, I can figure out a way we can all meet via our site by Skype or something similar & we can all get to know each other better.

I'm working on it.


Introducing the Torchwood Four Blacklist

Ra, Feb 26, 12 4:10 PM.
Good Sunday Afternoon.

In order to promote a better gaming experience on DCUO USPS3 & now EUPS3, we at the Torchwood Institute: Fourth Faction have implemented a Blacklist on our Forums. The Blacklist is public & we encourage anyone with a grievance against a "Ninja Looter", Bigot, etc., to post.  For more details on the Blacklist, please visit our Forums section of our website.


Journal Excerpt: Tuesday, February 7th 2012

Ra, Feb 7, 12 4:10 PM.
Here we walk on another Earth. Upon an Earth not unlike that in our memories, yet entirely foreign & askewed from which is home. This place has become the nexus & within it holds whether all that is, continues or reverts to beyond the beginning of us all.

...We must do what is possible, until we can achieve the impossible.

-Bilis Manger

Torchwood's Four Message to the World: We Are Coming!

Ra, Feb 7, 12 3:54 PM.
As we of the Torchwood Institute: Fourth Faction establish ourselves with this Earth, some wonder:
  • Who are Torchwood Four?
  • How many of them exist?
  • Have they a hidden agenda?
  • What is their true goal?
Be you Heroes, then stand with us or stay out of our way! To the Enemy, we will grant you no quarter...

Those who surrender are Doomed!

Sinner or Saint?

Ra, Feb 1, 12 7:49 PM.
Good Afternoon Operatives! Ra here.

Some time after our arrival to this alternate Earth our leader, Bilis Manger spoke with me of the danger we face now. He insisted I share with all of you what he revealed to me. I must warn you, the following may place doubt in your perception of our Curator. However may I assure you, although his actions are sometimes mysterious or questionable, Bilis Manger is a champion of the Greater Good!

Now then...

Prior to reaching us beyond the rift that leads to our home dimension, Manger shared with me a moment in his life when he believe it would be more humane for Humanity--at least in our dimension, that Abbadon be released from the Nefarious Plane.

In the typical fashion of our esteemed Curator, Bilis had not merely told me, but took me by the hand & shown me from between the dimensions!

Your thoughts?

-Ra, Demolitions Council
30th Level Vacancies
Earth Damager15 Apply
Earth Tank14 Apply
Fire Damager15 Apply
Fire Tank13 Apply
Gadgeteer Controller15 Apply
Gadgeteer Damager15 Apply
Hard Light Controller16 Apply
Hard Light Damager14 Apply
Ice Damager16 Apply
Ice Tank14 Apply
Lightning Damager14 Apply
Lightning Healer14 Apply
Mental Controller16 Apply
Mental Damager16 Apply
Nature Damager16 Apply
Nature Healer16 Apply
Sorcery Damager15 Apply
Sorcery Healer15 Apply
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